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Implementation Showreels

This implementation Showreel showcases the following:

  1. Forgotten Shrine - Sound Design and Implementation ft. Amanda Melville (3D Environmental Artist) 

  2. Unity 2D Game Project - Sound Design and Implementation.

  3. Unity Sandbox Shooter - Sound Design and Implementation 

This implementation Showreel focuses on Unreal Engine 5.2 and showcases the following:

  1. Unreal Ambience -  Metasound Creation using both loops and Synthesis as well as Implementation. 

  2. Unreal Spatial Audio - Implementation.

  3. Unreal and Wwise - Demo of Locomotion, Ambient and Spatialised - Combat and Environmental sounds as well the inclusion of ambient switching, footstep switching and a reverb zone. 


Wwise Certificates: 

Wwise 101 End-User Certificate

Wwise 201 End-User Certificate

Wwise 205 End-User Certificate

Wwise 301 End-User Certificate

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