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About me:

I have always been interested in audio, I studied music heavily in school which brought me to college where I was awarded a diploma in Music and Sound Production. I returned to university to study Commercial Sound Production where I found my true passion for game audio whilst also getting my bachelor's degree.


My background is mixed, I have experience recording independent artists and working within a live environment, this being a mix of setting up the PA, engineering events and being a part of a stage crew. The music I worked with was a combination of genres including but not limited to: "Pop", "Electronic", "Orchestral", "Acoustic" and "Metal" but mostly "Rock" and "Folk". I've included some of my favourites as visualiser videos made and can be found here. Throughout my diploma and my bachelor's, I worked on a few post-production projects within Pro-Tools and I enhanced these projects by expanding my sound design within Ableton.

I’ve always been a massive gamer and I was always curious about how sounds and music got in the game. There are many games with great sound design; my top three have to be:

“Crash Bandicoot”, “Persona 4 Golden and “ Returnal”.

In university, I learned about how sounds were implemented in different ways, either through the game engine or through middleware such as FMOD or Wwise.  I learned C# for the module and found myself finishing with an A. It was a challenge as I needed to look at the sound design from a new perspective, whilst it was challenging it felt natural to me and that’s when I knew this is what I wanted to do.

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