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Past Clients:

During my time as an Audio Engineer, I had the absolute pleasure of working with a variety of very talented musicians and bands including;

  • Caitlin Pender

  • Jack Kennedy 

  • Marc Mcwhinnie  

  • Shattered Glass (Adam Smith, Caleb Derrick, Connor Mcllelland, Lara Elliott and Nathan Mcdermott)


 Some have been kind enough to share their experience of working with me. This is what they had to say.

“It is a privilege to work alongside Adam. He is very capable in the studio and always full of ideas. As a fellow sound engineer and a singer, I admire his work and it continues to excel more each time a new track is released. I feel at ease when recording and we can also have a laugh, which is all you can ever ask for during a recording session. So far we have worked on a few projects together and I cannot wait for further projects in the near future!

- Caitlin Pender


“I have worked with Adam Ridland on quite a few projects. I have worked with him during recordings, rehearsal spaces and live gigs also. Every time we have worked together he is always professional, reliable and prepared to get to work. I hold high regard to Adam’s work and I hope to work with him on much more projects in the near future" 

- Jack Kennedy 

“Studio recording with Adam is a must. He is very knowledgeable and professional when it comes to recording but also promotes a very comfortable and fun environment for the musicians involved. Would highly recommend Adam to any musician/band looking to get some material recorded." 

- Lara Elliott 

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